Flowery facelift for heart of revolt in Iraqi capital

Sat, 2022-11-12 00:32

BAGHDAD: Three years ago, Fadel Abbas marched with tens of thousands of fellow Iraqis chanting for the “fall of the regime” in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, meaning “liberation” in Arabic.
The epicenter of the October 2019 anti-government protest movement, the square is now transformed and boasts a renovated park section, and Abbas sells coffee where he once shouted slogans.
“Here, many people were wounded and killed: young men, young women, doctors,” recalled Abbas, 21, offering cups to passers-by from flasks on his back.
“We were just demanding our rights.”

Baghdad’s Tahrir Square — once the epicenter of the October 2019 nationwide anti-government protest movement — is now transformed. (AFP)
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