Kamila Valieva falls multiple times in free skate program, finishes in fourth place in the women’s individual event

The ROC’s Anna Shcherbakova placed first in the competition, dazzling with a spectacular free skate performance to top the field with a score of 255.95, guaranteeing a one-two finish for the ROC.

Valieva made mistakes on several different jumps throughout her routine, falling on a few separate occasions, ruining her chances at finishing first ahead of ROC teammate Shcherbakova.

Kamila Valieva reacts after competing in the women's free skate program on February 17, 2022.

The 15-year-old left the ice in tears upon the end of her routine, as she received loud applause from those in the stands, and was consoled afterwards as the emotions from the past few days appeared to catch up with her.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had previously said no medal or flower ceremony for the winners would be held should Valieva finish in the top three.

But after some apparent resistance from silver medalist — and Valieva’s ROC teammate — Alexandra Trusova to take the podium, there was a flower ceremony for the top three finishers.

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