Live news and results on Feb. 19 2022

Two billion viewers worldwide have tuned into the Beijing 2022 Olympics, making it the most-watched Winter Games ever, a Chinese official said on Saturday.

The 2008 Beijing Summer Games saw the largest TV audience for an Olympics on record, with 4.7 billion viewers, according to Guinness World Records.

Speaking in Beijing Saturday, Zhang Jiandong, a deputy to China’s National People’s Congress, also said that 90,000 spectators attended the Winter Games this year.

Ahead of the Games, organizers said the event would not be open to the general public due to coronavirus concerns, and that a select group of spectators would receive invitations to attend.

Some 150,000 spectators were invited from outside the Olympic bubble, including international residents in China, diplomatic personnel, marketing partners, winter sports enthusiasts, residents, and local students.

The closing ceremony takes place tomorrow.

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