Saudi model makes it big at NFL Super Bowl

Sat, 2022-02-19 20:50

LOS ANGELES: Over 100 million viewers saw Kholood Adel, the high-profile Saudi model who’s partnered with brands such as Google and Mitsubishi, as she acted opposite Hollywood star Larry David in a commercial during the Super Bowl.

All eyes were on Adel, especially given the NFL end of season finale is famous for short-film quality advertisements. 

“Of course, I was scared at the beginning like to see big sets and cameras but everything is scary at the beginning,” she said. “Once you break this fear you’re gonna like be going.”

She hinted at several upcoming secret projects in the works that would expand her modeling career just like she did in 2020, when she was selected to join Grammy-winning songwriter Diane Warren in an ensemble anthem by MISSION, an international charity for women and children’s rights. 

“It’s an amazing thing to be part of this amazing project to raise awareness against violence and also it was a nice experience to work with Ms. Warren. 

“The rest are coming soon. I can’t really say what it is exactly,” she added.

As the daughter of a Saudi family, some of the nearest projects to Adel’s heart are the ones she’s worked on for her home country.

As the Kingdom changes and reforms, she is grateful for the growing opportunities to lend her talent to support her homeland.

“I’m so proud of all these changes happening in my country, and I know that there’s gonna be so many opportunities in my career and also different careers and this is going to make our job easier.”


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